The colorful library on wheels has arrived in Kosovo. This October, the Prishtina-based cultural organization, Qendra Multimedia, has
started implementing the READ on Wheels projects in primary schools across Kosovo. At this stage, the project aims to provide kids from rural areas with opportunities for education and entertainment. Although the project is in its initial phase, the long term plan is to visit
over 50 primary schools across Kosovo, bring famous authors and actors to little children, enrich school libraries with books published by Qendra Multimedia, and foster a safe environment for children to express their opinions and artistic talents. The ultimate goal of READ in Kosovo is to build bridges of communication and cooperation within Kosovo’s society. READ is here to offer something to the kids; but we’d be dead wrong if we assumed there’s nothing those kids give us in return. The positive energy that they radiate coupled with their own artistic talents and eagerness to be part of the READ activities leaves little to do for the project facilitators. So far, some of the kids’ favorite activities are meeting famous actors, as was the case with Adrian Morina, volunteering for playing different roles in children’s dramas, and reading their own poems.