(Excerpt from the diary of Nevila Hoxha, the responsible of the activity)


The Traveling Library began its journey through Albania at the beginning of April 2023 and ended the
first week of September 2023.

The Book and Promotion Institute for the implementation of the READ Program has cooperated with
serious and reliable partners, with individuals who are well-known in the field of letters and art. The
partners with whom we have collaborated are authors of artistic books for children, translators,
painters, singers, dancers, climbers, students and children of the age group of 5 to 15 years, from the
lower and secondary cycle of 9-year state schools or private, after-school centers, summer camps,
sports centers. The literature and topics chosen to discuss and share our thoughts about the Library and
books, reading books at round tables as in a theater or film rehearsal has encouraged children to want
to read and become an active part of our activities. Fun games related to knowledge in the fields of
science, history, geography, nature, art books, fairy tales of characters very dear to them, have given the
activity dimensions of things and different colors, which have been liked, have been efficient and have
made the activities attractive and fun.

The Book and Promotion Institute, within the READ-Regional Network for Cultural Diversity Project, with
the "READ on wheels” Mobile Library has organized and held meetings with children of different age
groups from 5 to 14 years old and with high school youth , talking about the importance of the book, the
encouragement to read, and its promotion.
We talk about the library, speed up reading, read together, have fun interweaving reading with
children's fantasy and imagination, connecting the word with the art of drawing (illustrations), grammar
games, riddles.
The library contains books for different age groups, for children of the preschool cycle and students of
the lower cycle, of the higher cycle of 9-year schools, books for young people.
The Traveling Library contains books in the official languages of the countries included in this project,
such as Albanian, Serbian, Macedonian, Turkish, but also in English and German.
Meetings with children are organized in different environments in library halls, school reading rooms,
but also in nature, where meetings take on another, relaxing, pleasant dimension that only a green
environment can offer.
Conversations and the exchange of ideas raise the level of our meetings where the BOOK is what brings
us together.
The mobile library stopped at 113 stations, where smiling children were waiting for us at each station
with the desire to read and stay with us. Our 4,000 passengers who boarded and disembarked at each
station have given us much more than we have given them. They have given us a lot of love, a lot of
hospitality, and endless invitations to stay a little longer with them and not to forget them back to their
distant station. 4000 readers have selected their favorite book to read on the shelves of the Mobile
Library, among 362 titles.



“READ on Wheels” across Turkey


– Combined with İTEF International literary festival 2023
– Related with education:
Primary and secondary school events
University events
– Adult part:
General public events
Events with writers
– Cooperation with local libraries
– Workshops:
Children books writing workshop
Creative writing workshop
– Promotion of READ Mobile Library on
social media
Total journey: 4500 kilometers.
Total participants: more than 4000