Vitomirka Trebovac was born in 1980, in Novi Sad. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of her hometown. She is the author of three books of poetry and coeditor of another one. Presently, Vitomirka Trebovac is engaged in the bookstore and publishing center “Bulevar Books” in Novi Sad. She participated in the edition of this year of “Tirana Gate” festival.



  1. Surrounding is important, but not crucial to writing. Poetry is usually a reflection of life – inner, but also outer. In this sense, we write about what surrounds us and what occupies us. Every change of surroundings is good for writing, because it puts us in different positions and confronts us with the other / different. For me, that’s the best thing that can happen – movement and change. It’s a way to refresh my writing and get out of my comfort zone, and change topics.


  1. Of course, the most important thing is my intimate life and what directly surrounds me. When I am calm in that place, then unfavorable things touch me less. It is the same in writing. It is important that I am surrounded by things that I choose every day, so that I can be productive. I’m not the type of writer who writes out of frustration, more out of a realistic, everyday need for spiritual activity. However, writing is also a way to survive everyday life more easily. The city where I live and the country are also important to me, not in the sense of patriotism, but in the sense of belonging, of feeling safe in a place.It’s a pleasant position to belong somewhere, just for that. However, it is precisely from this safe position that one should leave and confront one’s creativity with other cultures, cities and countries.As I said before, a change of surroundings is invaluable for writing.


  1. My experience of residency in Tettovo is great. I feel that I got a lot out of this residency program. First, I got to know Tetovo from a specific angle, met wonderful people and made some nice contacts for the future. Also, I introduced some new topics in writing and had a lot of space to work. I think that this program is excellent, first of all because it is multicultural and multiethnic, and experiences of connection are necessary in our region.


  1. I don’t have a clear answer for why I write. It’s more of a need and less of a want.