Valentin Boboc was born in 1987 in Bucharest, Romania. Has studied Communications and PR at Gheorghe Cristea University of Arts of Sciences. When he realized that his passion for photography was more than that, he started studying it more closely. Now, he is an events and portraiture photographer based in Bucharest. He had two major expositions – “Bits” Images drawn from life – in 2013 and a commissioned exhibition which was part of a PACT Foundation project named “Our community, our decisions” – on 2015. His strong belief is that photography is all about reading between the lines, and the details that would otherwise be ignored and that he finds in the shadows, slices of life left unsaid, but thoroughly visualized.

This project was part of a series organised by Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The project took us throughout Albania in May 2017, and as we visited different areas and got accustomed to the culture and history, we’ve realised both the painful similarities we shared and the differences that shaped our countries histories, our peoples and our perceptions. The tours were guided by former detainees and the harrowing stories left their marks. All the creative ways people find to hurt and kill themselves always stir-up a morbid fascination that has me thinking: if all this energy spent towards distructive creativity would be spent towards bringing people together, where would the world be now? A fool’s thought, I know, but a dreamer’s one as well.

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