Iulia Enkelana (the pseudonym of Iulia-Maria Kyçyku, born in 1999 in Bucharest, in a Romanian and Albanian family) is the author of a several short films (officially selected in international film festivals), short stories (published in Romanian and Albanian cultural magazines), plays, essays and two online albums: ‘eyeland’ (drawings) and ‘do you remember your first loneliness?’ (photographs). She is currently studying theater in Cluj-Napoca.

Iulia Enkelana


Are you originally correct?

I am part of a wonderful generation (sometimes a generection).

The atmosfear of our times is quite strange.

We live in a new (chim)era.

And there are plenty of (t)errors.

Some of us live in Europe, where there’s also a European Onion. However, there are still some nutsis left.

We have been under dicktatorship.

We know some things about mis(t)ery.

Some of us have been in exille.

We admire Amerryca, even if it’s not so merry all the time. We sometimes dream of Hellywood.


What is the essense?

We dream of success, although it can mean suckcess, or even suckstress.

We are pretty melalcoholic. Sometimes nostallergic.

We drink tekilla and tend to see a sort of key in whiskey.

We work part time or fool time.

We pay fucktures.

We read the prass every day.

Well, almost every day; from Monday to Thirstday.

Does nowhere mean now, here?

We tend to fear mor(t)ality.

We are surrounded by manifests and moneyfests. Or moneyfeasts. (Maybe just money facts.)

We certainly make the (in)difference.

We invent heroes, such as Irony Man or Betman, and we love them.

And we love the behind the sins videos, too.

In the meantime (or in the kindtime), we are politically correct.

We use anti-social networks.

From where could I buy a new iReality? Internet, Younternet…?

We can be selfiesh.

We can be awwwful.

We love fashion and not fashioff.

We rock, but sometimes we pop or we classic.


Is there any evolution in revolution?

There is anger in stranger.

We love occidental destinations. We travel to Sweetzerland, Lonedon…

Or we just send them greetings from the (f)East.

We sometimes listen to the vice of reason. We have fleshbacks and one night standards.

But we’re not ashamed. (Ashaimed?)

After all, it’s a strange decayde.

We fight illusions, often stuck between Heaven and Help.


We quite like metawhores. We appreciate (f)art.

We are sometimes so infantile.

We like clichés and silly quotes about liefe.


Are you originally correct?

We sometimes forget that inspiration is not inspirace.


But we are optimystical.

We experience a certain kind of soulitude.

We believe and beleave.

We do go back to realife: we see the read in ‘bread’, the right in ‘bright’ and the art in ‘smart’ (and in heart).

We are poethical. We write poetry, although it’s often just poetry.

We love writing and righting. Think about it.

From time to time we are satirIQ.

We know that justice is not just ice.

We like essays and not es-shut-ups.

It’s clear that I have to polish my English (…and to english my Polish).

This scene may be seen as a sin… But it was indeed an experimeant to be.

And we will always pay our philosofee for this.