Imer Topanica (1983) is a writer from Kosovo. He graduated from University of Prishtina for Albanian Literature. He has worked as an editor in various newspapers. Currenty he is working as an editor-in-chief of the portal FolDrejt. Imer Topanica is author of several books of fiction and poetry. Some of his writings have been translated in English, Turkish, and Serbian.



During his period of residency in Istanbul, Imer Topanica, Albanian writer from Kosovo, participated in the literary festival ITEF.



Open your heart and let goodness seep into you

As the rain that falls meekly in the thirsty summer garden

As the smile that creeps across the infant faces when they dream

of good things


Unlock the door to goodness, let it enter in you

As the rays that light the secret icy streams deep in the mountains

As the breezes that sweep the flowers’ pollen and propagate their graces

As infants feel delight to see a dove in flight and dream of flying


Let spite be wiped away

Melt like snow discoloured by the fumes of hatred

Oh let it, let love into the parched garden of your heart, let it infuse you




The trees are waving their hands

Dressed in their green finery


Above them the clouds

bear the coffin of the day


Flocks of crows

From where I sit

Are droplets of some black gigantic spittle


May this day be forgiven

Life is trickling

Like a stream

Into the river of death




Night bent its lips across the village to kiss

The aura of burnt air

From hopes fluttering like flags

Across the river trickling drunken away

The forgotten came out in the twilight

Sought memory beneath the leaves of the trees

And suddenly were gone




Translated by Robert Wilton