Aysun graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Design, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
She has been designing products in her own design office for years. Over time, she changed her path and started doing illustrations.
‘Imagination Cloud Nimbus’, the first children’s book she wrote and illustrated, was published by in 2017. Apart from the books she
has written, she has been working with various publishing houses and authors since 2017 and illustrating children’s books. In
addition to her illustrations with watercolor and recently gouache and collage techniques, she is also preparing digital illustrations.




  1. My cultural surrounding always inspires me. I interact with many things in the city. When you live in a city like İstanbul you can’t be unconcerned with it.


  1. I am more familiar with my surrounding, I can observe and analyse it more easily. This familiarity affects my creativity. When you know better you can write or draw about it better. But this doesn’t mean my works are local. When you understand your micro surrounding you can easily understand the entire universe or let’s say earth. So I create globally.


  1. I am exploring the city by drawing on location. While drawing I am observing people and how they interact with the city. During my residency I do workshops with children. I want them to draw their surroundings. It is a way of understanding how they see their city.


  1. I create to exist, to inspire people and to make them smile, to feel better, to be in the moment.