Adrian Zalla graduated from University of Tirana with a bachelor degree of philosophy. After that, he ad his master’s degree of Journalism and Communication. He is currently working as a freelance journalist and project coordinator.

(100 pictures from Istanbul
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I love taking pictures and because of that, when I travel or I am invited to do a residency such as the one I did, I take my camera with me, you never know what the moment will bring, so it is advisable to take your camera always with you.

I have over 1000 pictures of my 40 days in Istanbul, but from the ones I choose to post, each photo tells a story, at least to me. The exhibition is focused in three things: places, people, and habits (like the good and bad is happening all around Istanbul).

Living in Istanbul is like living inside a combination through fairytales, fiction and a big part of the worldwide civilization. I felt that everything moved so fast, and I was constantly trying to experience as much things as I could, like eating a baked corn, getting some ice cream or baklava, visiting the islands, meeting local people; when you are way too busy to live, you need witnessing the facts, and that’s why this exhibition was made.

But afterwards I decided to go for a different concept, I wanted to show even parts that are not seen, parts that no one sees or wants to see, people gathering rubbish, children gathering rubbish, and you can see how polarized is Istanbul, but the beauty is that lost souls can be found.

Through my exhibition, which could have been done much better, I tried to capture the essence of Istanbul and of the lost souls, so that they become aware and start looking. To be found.

Being lost is a process that brings the gift of being found…