Adrian Zalla graduated from University of Tirana with a bachelor degree of philosophy. After that, he ad his master’s degree of Journalism and Communication. He is currently working as a freelance journalist and project coordinator.


  1. I love when things such as a city, town or village come together or help the art you are doing or you want to do. Personally I see it as very important especially for the inspiration you need day to day to finish a piece. I am that kind of person and writer that needs to live and experience new things almost every so a lively city, or at least neighborhood is really important. I could consider myself a city guy but in the same time I would say I love isolation time to time. I do not want to go into the topic of saying that I would like to live in an island because the connotation might take a completely new direction. I think it is important because it gives you habits, routine, history and, well, you grow with or within the place or societal or cultural background in which you live.


  1. I think more important than any kind of surrtounding for a writer and artist is his/her wellbeing. And with his/her wellbeing the direct correlation is the direct personal surroundings so people, home, workplace and his favorite places, foods and so on. But as I said while answering the first question, the relation between the city and a writer/artist is very important for one simple reason: if nothing happens in that place, he hasn’t anything to experience or live, and without that there isn’t any hurt, disappointment, something new that he discovered, so nothing spicy or deep enough worth write about it. Both have a very profound importance in my professional and the personal life but it depends where the focus is centered more, it changes from time to time. I believe in balances, so I want to have a healthy relationship with my city (even if it poisons me), and a more intimate, safe one with my direct surrounding.I wouldn´t choose because it´s a system, and I do not want to accept yet that my system might be broken.


  1. Istanbul, oh Istanbul. I loved my experience in Istanbul, Kalem Culture is an amazing association. I spent 40 days there. It has a been a great experience with full ups and downs, I think Istanbul city is so vibrant that made me feel more alive. I experienced Istanbul in 36o degrees, I felt the anger of the city, the joy, the feeling of going on all over again and never stopping, of course in some parts I got identified with it, the feeling of growing in quality as a writer, the hurt as well was bigger, the beauty and the size of Istanbul remind you every time you walk in these streets how small a person is, I think in their own way everyone is an artist. The residency from READ helped me figure out what kind of writer I want to be. It showed how life never stops happening. Istanbul happens all the time, to all the people who are living there. Istanbul is so mix that makes you realize you got parts from everywhere. I think the residencies are a great intercultural learning, exchanging, but most important of all, a great intercultural understanding, and I do think understanding better the other you can understand better yourself, and grow as a writer, artist and human being.



  1. Why do I write, translate, make art? I do all of these things actually, but why? Let´s see if I can explain all I want and need too, even though I will talk only about the writing. I write because I need to feel and face everything I live. I write because it helps me be me. I think it’s something that is born with me, and I do think that is one of the things I excel at it. I write because I think there is always place for improvement and writing gives you that: constant improvement. It builds your character. It serves as a therapy and it gives you pleasure, it stimulates your mind, and gives you endorphins. No one knows me or my secrets like my empty white sheets of paper, I write because I choose to feel safe, to feel comfortable, because at the time I write I am not looking for an opinion back, I write because it is a mean and someone I can always rely on. I write because I cannot handle the fact that I have only one life, and because I think I can leave a great legacy behind with my published work.